Queen of Seas is a casual platformer game made by Uruca Game Studio. The game theme is about Yemanjá, the Queen os Seas in afro-brazilian religion.

Player can expect a simple and lovely casual game. The underwater enviroment is so beautiful such as the original background story.


You play as a fisherman’s son, that need to dive deep and deliver offerings to the Queen os Seas as a poof of his family’s faith.

Player must avoid all deep sea danger and collect coins to upgrade his scuba dive suit.

Three upgrades are avaiable (3 levels each):

  • Helmet – makes you move faster.
  • Chest – makes you more resistant to shark and jellyfish attacks.
  • Legs – makes you jump heigher.

With more upgrades player can walk longer distances and (maybe) reach the Queen of Seas.

Player can get some extra coins by achievements unlocking.

Queen of Seas theme is inspired by real afro-brazilian religion and have a full original storytelling made by award winner writer.

Other Screenshots: